ABOUT: The Moving Beauty Series is a collective of artists that creates work.  

tim-3rd-series-1372The Moving Beauty Series is an independent multimedia art production collective that was founded in 2008 by Juan Michael Porter II and Timothy Jackson Arbon in Argenton Chateau, France. We  develop and present artistically provocative yet commercially viable new works with artists of promise. In keeping with this action plan, The Moving Beauty Series commissions work from artists of all genres whom it recognizes as excellent. The purpose of art, as defined by the Artistic Director, is to establish rapport with and to expand the minds of its audience. Beyond demonstrating the truth of this idea we actively work to debunk the ‘starving artist theory’. Art need not hemorrhage money in order to demonstrate excellence; artists need not starve while developing their craft.

To date, The Moving Beauty Series has served as The Dance and Collaboration Department for Webster Hall; as the Director of Production for The Quarterly Art Soirée; as a leading dance presenter in New York City for up and coming concert dance artists since 2009; and developed numerous new works (both in house and via commission). 

Since returning to private production in 2013, The Moving Beauty Series has shifted from presenting dance lab concerts to producing full scale concerts devoted to one or two artists per evening. By establishing a production platform called THE SERIES we have been able to further cultivate artistic independence amongst our artists by handling production and marketing while granting generous profit splits. More than allowing dance companies an apparatus through which to expand their influence, more than giving choreographers a stage on which to show between 35 minutes and 80 minutes of work, more than anything we have sparked an entrepreneurial spirit in the dance field.

After meeting Lakey Evans-Peña in 2015, our Artistic Director established an artistic partnership with Williamsburg Movement & Arts Center to better facilitate our mission to empower people through dance. We call this collaboration “The Intimate Series”. Using WMAAC as a home base, we offer evolving and emerging choreographers a safe space in which to develop their work and to experiment with new modes of cultivating conversations with audiences. We also provide consultancy services and co-productions mentorship so as to enable artists a start to finish development of concepts and transferal to the stage. We package artistic properties and take them to the next level.

All of this is done in order to make NYC to a place where dance artists can once again afford to take risks and thrive as they strive for excellence.