MISSION: Who we think we are and what we think we do.

Our mission is to support talented artists in the creation and presentation of worthy work. 

We present artistically provocative yet commercially viable work.

We assist artists in establishing sustainable models for concert production, development of ideas, and expansion of their influence.

In collaboration with Williamsburg Movement & Arts Center we have created “The Intimate Series”; a safe space for emerging and evolving choreographers to do exactly that: to try, to fail, to learn, to grow. But we don’t just throw artists in an empty studio: we challenge them, we ask questions, we give feedback, we make suggestions, we introduce them to new allies, we watch, we listen, and we nurture.

We are not another ‘not for profit arts organization’. We like money. A lot. We are not a political organization. Politics bore us. We are a ‘get it done by any and every means necessary AND if we make money while doing it, even better’ arts collective.

We believe that “if you’re talking about it, then you’re not doing it”. We prefer doing, actualizing, facilitating, and implementing to sitting at a table and talking. We can only bear so much discussion before the compulsion to get our hands dirty takes over. I started producing because I didn’t want to sit around talking about all the things I was going to do someday. That’s not entirely true. I started producing because I didn’t want to pay someone else to present my work when I knew I could do it better. A little organization, a bit of charm, some luck, and the ability to make decisions is all you need. Producing is like throwing a party. In order to successfully produce a show, all you need to know how to do it is to throw a good party. We like to think that we throw great parties.

The Moving Beauty Series presents work this is bold, interesting, and eager to generate conversation amongst audiences. I don’t believe that you have to hemorrhage money in order to make art. Making money may not be the point, but if you’re able to do it, ‘Why not?’ As the Artistic Director of this organization, I do everything in my power to promote this idea amongst my fellow artists and presenters. I refuse to lose out to reality television because I think the experience of seeing a body in motion “LIVE” will always trounce watching something on television. As I mentioned before, this is not a political organization. This is an arts collective at war with complacency. Care to join us?

a thousand kisses of Light,
-JMPII; Artistic Director