These Days

His name is Timothy Jackson Arbon. He is a visual artist. We met at Studio Escalier in France. As the photos illustrate, we became great friends, indulging in ridiculous and outrageous feats, cooking, traveling, and good ole tomfoolery. But in our off hours, over a bottle of wine or two, we discussed art and performance. One day, the day before my birthday actually, Tim says to me, ‘You have to hear this song.’ The song is Imani Coppola’s ‘These Days’. The song sums up our entire experiences of dealing with other artists in France and I exclaim that we have to create a dance theatre piece out of the song and present it at a party that is to occur the next evening. Tim says, ‘Okay. So what do we do?’

With that sentence, Tim changed my life.

 We created a story together and I  staged

a dance drama around the libretto. The

next day we rehearsed & that evening

we performed. This was an epiphany

for me. I realized that as an artist,

I am blessed with a gift to express

myself in an unique way. All I

have to do is put my ideas together &

give them life. Nothing more, nothing

less. With that formula in mind, Tim

and I created The Moving Beauty Series.

During the performance, Tim wrote, ‘Why?’ and I responded, ‘Love.’ It was spontaneous and honest and it sums up why we do what we do.