The call was, ‘Congratulations on
Left Over Beauty. You made a
great line using scraps, but now
you need money to purchase finer
fabrics.’ When you’re a 20 year old
fashion designer you don’t exactly
have a lot of cash at your disposal.
So we gave Mr. Zachary Alexander
a $600 commission to create his
first high end line. It also
happened to be his first winter
collection. He named it
‘Cheimaphobia’, which translates
to ‘my horror of winter’ as a way of

saying that this year the cold would not get him down. This year and every year from here on out will be a productive year for Zachary Alexander. Cheimaphobia; The Winter Collection was conceived, designed, choreographed, staged, and directed by Zachary Alexander. It premiered on November 12th 2011 at The Church of All Nations.

Following the successful completion of this commission, Mr. Alexander was made a Moving Beauty Artist. In honour of beloved teacher, Yung Yung Tsaui, Cheimaphobia was given an Encore Presentation by The Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance. Pieces of Cheimaphobia Collection have graced the runway of 2012 Martha Graham Dance Company Gala and the 2012 New York Indian Film Festival Gala to great acclaim.