Left Over Beauty

Following the successful collaboration assignment
that I gave the young fashion designer, Zachary
Alexander, I decided to give him another challenge:
Put together a fully realized concept that fuses
fashion, music, and dance and have it ready to show
in two months. Besides the timeline, his only other
stipulation was that any designs he created had to
be crafted from bits and scraps of material that he
had laying around his studio. Thus from this
edict was borne, ‘Left Over Beauty.’ 
After he completed this challenge, Mr. Alexander
was given his first Moving Beauty Series
Commission- but that is a story for another time… 
The original announcement for this event invited all to
‘Join Zachary Alexander as he fuses three forms of Art:
Dance, Music, and Fashion.’ Left Over Beauty at
Webster Hall. July 11th, 2011.

Choreographed Interludes by Zachary Alexander. 
Danced by Graham II dancers, Lindsay Poulis, Lucy Postell, and Ying Xin.
Fashion by Zachary Alexander