The Circus of Life

Circus of Life in RehearsalThe final production of the year put on by
The Moving Beauty Series before I left NYC for
the season was a full evening length ballet at
Dixon Place. It was called ‘The Circus of Life’.
This ballet is a feel everything sort of ballet. I
sifted through numerous provocative ideas
ranging from, utopian female community,
slavery and sex trafficking, revenge, God as
an absentee parent, the perils and joys of
being a woman, oversexed nuns, Islamophobia,
over sexualized images, bullying, gun rampage,
suicide, and finally forgiveness. I did this all
with much mocking, cartoonish stereotypes,
and brilliantly performed concert dances.
One sage patron summed it all up brilliantly
in observing that she didn’t know whether to
laugh or cry from moment to moment. Another
patron angrily yelled at me with tears in his
eyes because of my segment regarding the
oversexed and profane nun. I think it really
bothered him that my art made a mockery of
the seemingly sacred. Though I had not meant
to offend, I was happy to have the reaction
because it was honest and real and… That,
for me says everything there is to say about
this circus called life.


Starring: Marija Abney: The Woman Redeemed, Eve Chan: The Light of Hope, Vivake Khamsingsavath: The Peacock, Jack Koenig: The Voice of Truth, Erika Langmeyer: The Bollywood Star Inside, Hailley Laurén: The Violent Narcissist, Michelle Maleh: The Insane Nun/The Jilted Lover, Juan Michael Porter II: The Slave Master, and Caroline Yost: Fate as an Absentee Parent.

Photos of Backstage Fun: