The Series; 2013

The idea was to create a dance concert populated with medium sized dance companies in triple bill concerts. I figured that between the three dance companies performing each night we would be sure to fill up the audience. Boy did we ever.

The Series is proof positive that Art, and specifically that Dance, can make money. I took a simple idea, that if you gave dance companies a great production AND the chance to recoup their investment by splitting the profits with them 50-50, then everything would take care of itself.

I won’t pretend that everything went perfectly- for instance, I had to fire my lighting director after the first day- but it was pretty darn close to being as awesome a concert experience as is possible- especially for the audience- and most importantly for me- I think that my choreographers were all pleased. (I’m a lighting designer so I ran the lights. Rule number one of production- Be able to do everything that your staff can do!)

The Series is the culmination of my ideas as a producer. I started showcasing dance companies in small dance labs back in July of 2009 and with The Series I have moved on to showing off longer format dance. Each company was allowed to show 30-35 minutes of their choreography each night so that the concerts lasted anywhere from 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours in time. Following this experience I am going to move on to split bill concerts so that companies will be able to have their own 45-50 minute long shows. This will also allow for a greater cut of profits for the participating companies. As long as we continue to sell out, there will be a great deal of success and… I believe in my artists. The other hallmark of this concert- besides sound producing, and respectful profit sharing, is our advertising scheme. I instituted a practice of creating commercials wherein the choreographers actually talked about their work and creative ideas/process and showed a bit of their work being rehearsed. This allowed fans and the curious to get a peek of what they were going to be see and to feel like like they were getting a precious glimpse of how it all came together. It also had the nice effect of showcasing the dancers who for some odd reason never seem to be featured as an integral part of the process until performance time.

None of the success this concert experienced would have been possible without my amazing staff: Mickey Hoelscher, Marlon Feliz, Audrey Ross, Colleen Hoelscher, and of course, my brilliant artists. They are the etoiles and I am so lucky to have been able to participate in the production of their shows.

The Series showed at The Secret Theatre from April 15th, 2013 until April 23rd, 2013.