The Series Kick-0ff pARTy

It was one month before ‘The Series’ and I decided that the best way to get things started was with an awesome party for my artists at The VIP Lounge at Webster Hall. Not only would it be a preview for the upcoming concert, it would also be a great way for all of the dancers and choreographers to meet-greet, mingle, relax, and have fun with their fans and admirers. Reclaiming my title as Director of Dance of The Quarterly Art Soirée, I made it happen:

A full on dance party. AKA: a bacchanal of dance!

Though there were numerous sparkling performances, my favourite, hands down was that of Michael J. Clark & Artists. Michael is a  brilliant choreographic bon vivant and bound to take over the dance scene someday.

Best of all, however was that I met the brilliant photographer, Mickey Hoelscher, who just happens to be married to my dancer, Colleen Hoelscher.

The masterful photos captured by Mickey reveal so much more about the performance than even the video. He caught the soul of the night and the passion of the dance in a way that makes me feel like I am there again whenever I look at the photographs.