Untitled Unknown

I’d just finished working on my first full ballet, The Keeper of Consequences. For that production I worked with young American Fashion Designer, Zachary Alexander, and I decided that it was time to give him another commission.

This time Zachary explored elements of his ideal woman:

A ferocious earth mother who is equal parts nurturing to her equal parts warrior.

As usual, Zachary had a brilliant design scheme for the production. In this instance he would use facial prosthetics on his models to disguise their glamour and enhance the more warrior like aspects of his concept.

The line was named ‘Untitled Unknown’ and premiered at The Secret Theatre as a gallery fashion show in August of 2012.

These photos are from the shoot that I produced on Zachary’s birthday to create promotional shots for the upcoming show.

The video is an interview I recorded with Zachary, it makes use of behind the scene footage to give the viewer an idea of how this idea all came together.

All in all, I have to say that the impression that this line left with me was one of elegant exoticism. The character of the clothing really came through even without the special make up. A part of me wishes I had seen the models completely unadorned so that I could have completely soaked up the what Zachary’s clothing was saying to me without the additional filter. Ah, well- all in all- I think it was a brilliantly realized concept and a commission well assigned.

Models for this shoot were: Lindsay Miller of Allison Cook Beatty Dance & Lucy Postell and Ying Xin of The Martha Graham Dance Company.