GALLERY: Collection of past production photos.

In the 8 years that we’ve been in production we have had the great fortune to work with a phalanx of phenomenal photographers.


The photographer who captured our Artistic Director in action – and then granted him rights to the resulting photograph that became our emblem image – was the incredible Todd Williams. As part of our first production “Beauty in Motion; the living museum of art” we collaborated with the fine artist, photographer, and sculptor Brett Sloan to create the finished image that became our signet. After looking through Brett’s art pieces we sent him a crude mock up of one of his creations wrapped around this image and asked him for permission to use it. He responded with this refined and perfect image which we have been using every since. It’s good to be friends and colleagues with über talented people. 

Since 2013, we have worked exclusively with the photographer Mickey Hoelscher. This relationship began after we asked a friend to recommend a photographer who could “photograph black people”. Mickey can photograph all people in all configurations without batting an eye. He stands as the finest live dance photographer with whom we have ever collaborated. Here is a collection of our favourite photographs that he has captured over the past 4 years. 


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Photographs by Mickey Hoelscher; Director of Media


The Moving Beauty Series
Commercially Viable || Artistically Provocative

The Moving Beauty Series develops and presents artistically provocative yet commercially viable new works.